Friday, January 26, 2007

australia day..
i did wear all the australian colours (yellow top, green bag, blue jeans)... haha

went to langley park to watch the fireworks.. we got there at aroudn 6pm.. bad idea! it was like the hottest point of that day..went up to 42 degrees i think... i don't like the heat and it kinda makes me grumpy... was going to join my high school friends and they were originally meant to go to kings park, but they ended up changing their minds and went to mosman park! ^^

anyway, the fireworks was nice.. fireworks are always nice actually..

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

philip organised a dinner and so we went.. met some people i havent seen since i got out of high school like francis! he now owns a truck and is a truck removalist now! quite cool to own your own business and be the boss of yourself huhh...

anyway, these were the drinks we got... coincidentally, they were red (julie's), yellow/amber (marshall's) and green (mine)! i thought it looked like a traffic light so i took a picture of it.. lol

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Thursday, January 11, 2007


i was insulted today and it got me fuming..
so, i have to apply for 10 jobs a forthnight for centrelink right, even while im working.. anyway, so this woman wanted to look at my diary and so i showed it to her.. and then this is how the conversation went

her: i see that u've been applying for alot of grad jobs... how come you're not appplying for other jobs?
me: oh, coz i just graduated from uni and looking to start work as a new grad... i can't apply for alot of the other jobs because they require usually at least 2 years commercial experience..
*she looks through other pages of the job diary*
her: i think u've applying for jobs way out of ur league.. you should start applying for jobs like cleaner, shop assistant, waitress... the whole point is of newstart is to get u off the payment... not everyone who has a degree ends up getting graduate work, you know?!
me: well, alot of my friends at uni doing the same course have got grad work..
her: so have u been getting interviews for these jobs?
me: yeh, i've got calls from a number of them and gone to interviews..
her: so how many have u gone to in the last forthnight?
me: well, none.. coz alot of the firms have been closed over the christmas and new year period...
*she gives me the look that she has just proved her point*
her: well, i think u've applying for jobs way out of ur league.. i better see other job applications next forthnight like cleaner and shop assistant.. i'm going to make a note of this in the system that you've been applying for jobs way out of your league...

the jobs im applying for aren't even that good, like most of them were grad accountant, a couple of business analyst ones and the other just some development program stuff... i'm thinking "yeh, just because you can't get a better job and stuck with centrelink doesn't mean others can't get a good job"... ok, that was harshh.. but ughhh.... annoying woman! but because of that, im determined to go to my interviews.. got 2 on monday...

Monday, January 01, 2007

wish u a merry christmas and a happy new year! :)

wat did i do?
christmas lunch at my place, which pretty much the whole church (or whoever was still in perth and not overseas or down south) came to... played murderer and was napping while everyone was hyper... lol
new years eve bbq at julie's place... small gathering with bao, anna, chelsea, victoria, julie and i.. i loved the pink champagne.. some of the food was a little raw but it was all good... oh and we had fun killing flies and feeding it to the fish in the pond with the electric fly tennis racket thing..
new years lunch at a.yovita's place... it's so nice hey... i love that place.. has a really nice home and cosy feeling.. and food was great!
new years dinner at a.jolene's place... food was fantastic again and was watching some china program from the satelite that i didnt' quite understand... walked to christie's place and played cards and mastermind.. yay! i can crack the code in 4 goes! lol...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

celebratory dinners x2
one of the 20th of dec, and the other on the 28th of dec
the former being with julie and marshall, the latter with david..
it was to celebrate first class honours...
"or second upper class?" - quoting julie

at friends restaurant...
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at Tsunami restaurant..
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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Went to germaine's place for a turkey dinner...
hehee... it was kinda fun... we had bourbons and stuff too..
anyway, i will just attach photos... lol..

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

David's birthday today..
happy birthday, darling!

this was the program

played mini golf @ botanical gardens..
movie @ greater union..
went to video ezy to borrow a movie to stall time...
surprise steamboat dinner with david's frenz who loved him enough to come to my house..
cut birthday cake... throw 26 water bombs at david..
everyone go home..

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